Fostering innovation with Professional Carsharing at your Company

Discover the many ways in which Professional Carsharing makes you a more innovative company and nurtures a culture of creativity.

Every company is searching for ways to foster a spirit of innovation that can help the business be more competitive. There are many different ways you can try and create this innovative spirit, both big ways and small ways. One easy way is to incorporate innovative solutions into the daily lives of your employees. Your employees have meetings, site visits, and other trips that they need to make by car. By implementing corporate carsharing at your company, you can begin to plant the seeds for the innovative environment you are hoping to create.

Innovation is in the DNA of Glide. It was developed by a team of top engineers at RCI Mobility using cutting edge technology in order to meet the mobility needs of companies in a different way than previous solutions. Vehicles that are connected with Glide technology are easily accessible to your employees through the use of their smartphone with our Bluetooth technology or company badge. With Glide, your employees will think differently about how they get to meetings, and thinking differently about one thing can trigger innovative thoughts in other areas of their work. You begin to nurture a culture of innovation and new ideas. 

Glide also allows you to easily introduce new innovative vehicles, such as electric vehicles with automated driving capabilities. By giving your employees access to new innovative products, you communicate the importance of new ideas and doing things differently.

To create a culture of innovation, you need to create opportunities for your employees to meet other employees, so that there can be natural exchanges. These exchanges can begin to spark new possibilities in employees’ minds. With Glide, these exchanges can occur more often with the use of ride-sharing. Ride sharing allows employees to book a ride with their colleagues who are going to a similar destination, offering an opportunity to share ideas on the ride over.

“Professional carsharing benefits include decreased transportation costs, increased utilization of company vehicles, provision of mobility solutions for employees’ personal needs and increased eco-friendliness.”

The implementation of corporate carsharing at your company might not make you the most innovative company in the world, but it is a simple step that can help augment the innovative culture you are trying to foster. It exposes your employees to a different way of meeting their mobility needs and it allows them opportunities to exchange ideas in the process. And don’t forget the other benefits that have been mentioned in our previous blog posts!

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