Managing your Vehicles with Corporate Carsharing

Discover the virtues of Corporate Carsharing with Glide through the automation of tasks and our cutting-edge technology to optimise the management of your fleet.

Fleet Managers have many responsibilities in a company. They not only have to take care of the employees using the vehicles, but also continuously take care of the vehicles themselves. Managing a fleet of vehicles can be overwhelming but with professional carsharing, many manual tasks can be automated with cutting edge technology such as Glide. With Glide corporate carsharing, every manager can control their fleet efficiently and safely.

Perhaps you already have a fleet of vehicles at your company. With Glide, it is easy to implement corporate carsharing for nearly every type of vehicle. You can transform your normal fleet into a fleet of carsharing vehicles with ease. Perhaps you want to transform your fleet by adding different vehicles, or perhaps you don’t have a fleet yet, but want carsharing at your company. We can help you implement new vehicles at your company that best suit your company’s image and mobility needs. If you want to learn more about implementing a car sharing service be sure to download our checklist, found on our website, that outlines the 10 important steps to implementing a professional carsharing service for your employees!

Being a fleet manager, you should be able to know at all times the state of your vehicles. Through the administrative platform with Glide, you can find out a vehicle’s mileage, the level of gas or battery of the vehicle in real-time, and even the location of a vehicle. You are able to verify if a vehicle is sufficiently secured after booking by ensuring that that the motor and doors have been locked. This information is easily accessible in Glide so that you have it at your fingertips to better manage your fleet.

Even with a perfectly functioning fleet, accidents can happen, and vehicles might be damaged. Glide offers you a digital log of damage reports that are submitted by the users every time they are about to use a vehicle. This log entails a description of the damage and gives users the opportunity to submit a photo as well. You can access at anytime and anywhere the damage report of each vehicles. The automation of your damage reports makes it easier to gather the information from users and stores it in the administrative platform, so you can easily review it. You can efficiently focus your resources on the vehicles that need to be repaired so that they are back up and running in no time.

As a fleet manager, it is important that you control access to your vehicles. With Glide, you are able to define with advanced booking parameters how, when, and where vehicles are accessible to suit your business needs. For example, you can set business hours for your vehicles, or you can determine how far in advance a user is allowed to reserve a vehicle. There are a large number of parameters that we can help you define, so that your fleet is utilized in the capacity that you want.

“With Glide corporate car sharing, every manager can control their fleet efficiently and safely… With Glide, you are able to define with advanced booking parameters how, when, and where vehicles are accessible to suit your business needs.”

All of these features above have the purpose of making it easy and efficient to manage the vehicles in your fleet. With Glide, you can implement corporate carsharing and automate many time-consuming tasks that you manage today. This will allow you to better maintain your fleet and give you time to focus on other matters.

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