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Your carsharing service brought to life has the expertise and technology to bring your carsharing and fleet management projects to life.

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User-friendly applications to launch a public carsharing service

Redefining transportation

What is sustainable mobility? is on the cutting edge when it comes to thinking about the mobility of tomorrow. We believe mobility is about accessibility, in every way.

This is why we offer innovating carsharing solutions. Your trips are as accessible, affordable and reliable as can be, thanks to our well-tested technology.

Business Optimization

Smarter business

Say goodbye to the underuse of company cars, overpriced transportation services and hours lost searching for parking.

Workforce Satisfaction

Employee Benefits

Your employees will take pride in being part of a sustainable project and be glad to have access to a vehicle during their personal time.


Reduce Emissions

Sustainable mobility is more than a trend. Reducing our carbon emissions is a concrete way of protecting the environment. Less cars on the road, and less polluting ones too: here is’s commitment to the planet and to you.

A Reliable Technology

Our commitment to a smarter mobility has created a carsharing platform constantly adapting to the new realities of driving, and to our clients’ needs.

The solutions offers are born from reputed expertise of an industry-leading technology team, managing everything from user experience (UX) to quality assurance (QA).

Our commitment: provide our clients with a turnkey, reliable and scalable solution to make your life easier.

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