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Optimize your fleet management and opt for the carsharing solution to join the sustainable mobility movement.

Discover our solutions for a mobility in evolution

coorporate carsharing

Corporate carsharing

Optimize the management of your corporate shared fleet

public carsharing

Public carsharing

Rent your vehicles on a 24/7 basis through a digital solution

Remplacement and demonstration vehicles

Replacement and demonstration vehicles

Ease the fleet management for your staff and improve your customer experience

What are the advantages of carsharing for your business?

In a world where more and more drivers value car usage over car ownership, carsharing is the solution. But what are the real benefits?

optimize your budget with carsharing

Make your fleet more profitable and put an end to the under-utilized vehicles.

digitalize your fleet with carsharing

Ease the access to your vehicles, with a tool that digitalizes their reservation and key management.

fleet management centralize

Centralize the management of your fleet, with a tool that allows your employees to easily report any type of information on your vehicles.

carsharing helps to improve your brand image

Enhance your employer brand by providing your employees ready to use mobility solutions for their professional and private use.

carsharing is better for environment

Act for the planet. A more optimized fleet means fewer cars on the road and fewer CO2 emissions.

Why should you choose ? 

an adaptable solution
personalized support
an adaptable solution

Based on the most recent technologies (Bluetooth, digital inventory,…) you can choose between a wide range of options to create the service you need. Furthermore, our experts work on monthly releases to guarantee you new features in our platform.

personalized support

Thanks to our multi-skilled team, combining profiles from the world of technology, consulting and automotive, be sure you’ll receive the best support and advice for your project.

interoperable platform
trusted platform
interoperable platform

Our software is integrated with many hardware technologies and with various partner software solutions for connected fleet management and tracking. 

trusted platform combines the agility of a start-up and the solidity of a French automotive giant and is the right long-term partner to guide you through your shared mobility project.

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Carsharing, how does it work?

book your carsharing journey

They book a vehicle for the time they need

unlock your vehicle with your carsharing app

They open the vehicle with their phone or badge and let’s go

lock your vehicle with your carsharing app

At the end of their booking, they lock the vehicle with their phone or badge

Who are our clients?

Coorporate fleet


Rental companies and carsharing operators

Car manufacturers and dealers

They chose for their carsharing solution.

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