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Our technology is ready to introduce corporate carsharing to your company.  Or it is ready to help you optimize your fleet management.  The Glide service is perfect for those who want an out of the box mobility solution.

Business Optimization

Smarter business

Solve some of your company mobility headaches including the under utilization of company cars, costs of taxis, tracking grey fleets and difficult or expensive parking.

Workforce Satisfaction

Employee Benefits

Car sharing fosters a collaborative spirit that boosts productivity. Employee satisfaction can also increase when they are given access to the cars for personal needs, plus they will love working for a company with an innovative solution.


Reduce Emissions

Sustainable transportation is not just a trend. Cutting your CO₂ emissions can help save money and the environment. Car sharing can reduce the cars on the road, and Glide can equip you with everything you need to introduce electric vehicles into your fleet.

Diversify your fleet

Your business’ mobility needs are unique.  Glide is a flexible mobility solution, allowing you to choose vehicles that are best suited for your professional needs.

Electrify your fleet

Glide can help you add ultra efficient electric vehicles to your fleet. Professional car sharing combined with electric vehicles is a great way to be greener today.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Additional Services

Establishing a corporate carsharing fleet is made easy with Glide. Whether you want to pick and choose the services you need to get started or if you want a hassle-free turnkey solution, the Glide solution is flexible to meet your professional needs.





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