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We have always focused on working with businesses interested in mobility. We serve companies of all sizes and types, both SMEs and CAC40 members.  We work with municipalities that want to offer a carsharing service to their agents, mobility operators who need carsharing technology as well as dealership networks to digitize their pools of courtesy and demonstration vehicles but also offer rental services by providing access to vehicles through our application.


Small villages and big cities alike are looking for ways to provide additional transportation services to both residents and visitors. We have accompanied cities in launching 24/7 services located in their streets. Some of our clients have even used our technology on their existing professional fleet to alleviate some administrative difficulties with a digital solution, while also offering those vehicles to the public outside of business hours.

Organizational fleets

All our corporate clients find themselves benefitting from adding carsharing to their companies. These clients reduce administrative costs, introduce electric vehicles into their fleet and provide their employees with carsharing benefits. We even work with universities to establish carsharing programs for their students. ​

Car Rental Companies​

The traditional rental experience involves meeting an agent during business hours and completing all the necessary administrative tasks. Our leasing or rental car company partners are using our mobility platform to offer a modern, fully digital, hassle-free, 24/7 rental service. ​

Carsharing Operators​

Launching a new mobility service can be challenging, trust us, we have experienced the challenge! We have helped some of our clients fulfill their vision of launching a new mobility service. We are sure to provide them with a technology they can trust, a platform that is flexible to their needs and a team that they can rely on.​

Car Manufacturers and Their Dealership Networks​

In collaboration with some of the most well-known car manufacturers in the world, we have helped design some of the most innovative and far-reaching mobility solutions in Europe. Some of those services are providing transportation to thousands of users every day. Our technology has powered many types of OEM projects, including innovative pilot projects, country-wide public services and even continent-wide dealership programs.​

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