Your fleet management with Excel :

Why invest in a fleet management tool when I can do it from Excel? Fleet management tools are for large fleets, I prefer to do my fleet managemetn through Excel.

Here are the reasons of some fleet managers when asked why they prefer Excel rather than a solution dedicated to the management of shared cars.

Here wishes to explain the advantages of managing your fleet with a solution such as ours and why it is suitable for fleets of all sizes.

Fleet management with a spreadsheet :

Managing your fleet with Excel has several advantages. The tool is simple and intuitive and often already known by the managers, moreover the software represents a low cost of implementation. But despite these positive points, Excel has many limitations for anyone who wants to optimize the management of his fleet. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Data must be entered manually and this represents a considerable amount of management time for the manager but also increases the risk of errors and therefore inaccurate reporting;
  • Because the data is added manually after checking with the vehicles and considering how quickly the information on each vehicle can change, inaccurate data can affect reporting and decision making;
  • Using Excel to manage the fleet also presents limitations for integration with other solution providers.

Why choose a carsharing software instead of Excel ? :

Indeed, the spreadsheet will never be able to propose a direct reading of the vehicles and their status.

A car-sharing solution, on the other hand, allows:

  • A real time view on the different data related to the vehicles. You can follow the fuel/battery level of each vehicle, the number of kilometers traveled,..;
  • A constant update and a better follow-up of the reservations, whether they are in progress, to come or past;
  • A remote control on the vehicles, with the possibility to make them available or not according to the cleaning and repair actions;
  • Better reporting on your fleet’s activities and utilization rate. An excellent way to analyze if your fleet is used in the most optimal way and if the size of the fleet is adapted to the needs of your employees.


Moreover, our car-sharing solution can easily be integrated with other systems related to fleet management, accounting, etc. A way to automate many processes, reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and increase efficiency for fleet managers.

Carsharing solutions like’s can be adapted to any size fleet. Whether it is for 2, 20 or 200 vehicles, our solution can be adapted to all mobility needs.

So even if managing a fleet with Excel can present advantages for the managers, this solution presents its limits which could potentially hide essential information for the good functioning of the fleet and a good optimization of the costs.

Our arguments have convinced you and you want to know more about our car-sharing solution? Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts.