A new mobility for the resident of the Lake Garda area

In 2017 the Italian government launched the "Programma sperimentale nazionale di mobilità sostenibile casa-scuola e casa-lavoro". A project worth €35 million aiming to promote all sustainable mobility initiatives.


As a company specializing in renewable energy and the environment in the Garda basin, Garda Uno has decided to play a leading role in this initiative by launching the "Eway" project. The idea was to accommodate the 110,000 people who travel daily outside of their home communities for work or school and the 25 million tourists who visit Garda (2019 data). 

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Garda Uno is a public company offering multiple public services, founded on Lake Garda in 1974.

Initially, the activity was focused on the protection of the lake waters and, over time, it has been enriched with new services until today guaranteeing high quality services such as: Urban hygiene, sustainable mobility, renewable energies, cemetery services, public lighting, ...

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