In our previous blog post, we introduced how carsharing at your company can help you become more eco-friendly. In this article, we continue this investigation by look at other positive effects carsharing can have on the environment. We look at decreasing your fleet size, ride-sharing, private usage and how these can positively impact the environment.

After adopting a car sharing solution such as Glide, there is the possibility of decreasing your fleet size on average of 20%. This is a result of Glide’s ability to automate some of the management of your fleet, thanks to its user-centric development. Your vehicles then have a higher utilization rate, which can potentially lead to you being able to decrease the size of the fleet as it is being more efficiently used. With the reduction of unnecessary vehicles, comes benefits to the environment and benefits to traffic. According to France Info, traffic jams on highways produces sixteen times more pollutants than when the traffic is fluent (Link). 

Ride sharing is a feature which was already discussed in previous articles because of its ability to foster innovation (link) and develop community (link). It also provides a way to be more eco-friendly, by increasing the number of passengers in cars. By increasing the number of passengers per trip, there are fewer cars on the road, less traffic, and less pollution. 

The private user feature is also something that we have written about previously. It gives the employees the opportunity to use vehicles in the company’s fleet for personal reasons and private uses. This option can be paying or free according to the wish of the company (you can learn more here: link). This option is not only a way to give you a more appealing and pleasant working environment, it is also going to make it more ecological. 

Did you know that a private car is used only 5 % of the time? By offering this service, some employees may decide not to invest in a personal vehicle but rather use the available vehicles at their office. It is cost-effective for them and it is eco-friendly by eliminating a potentially unnecessary vehicle.

“Professional carsharing benefits include decreased transportation costs, increased utilization of company vehicles, provision of mobility solutions for employees’ personal needs and increased eco-friendliness.”

If you are a company that is committed to being eco-friendly and reducing the carbon footprints of your company and your employees, corporate carsharing is simple solution to consider. It marks a step in the right direction in caring for the environment.

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