A fleet manager has many responsibilities within their company to ensure a seamless experience for the drivers in their company. These responsibilities can be overwhelming at times. Not only do fleet managers manage the vehicles in their fleet, they must also deal with all the users who need to drive the vehicles. Managing these users and accompanying them on the entire user journey requires a tremendous amount of time and availability. With corporate carsharing, such as glide.io, you can ensure that all your users have the support that they need, and you can automate the manual many of the manual tasks that you are doing today.

glide.io allows users to submit required documents and review any legal terms and conditions that you require. Fleet managers can use the configurable web-based registration form in glide.io platform to do this. You can quickly and easily review each profile from the administrative platform, approving them to access your fleet of vehicles. If you choose our premium plan, our team can review each user based on your criteria, so you don’t have to.

With our premium plan, our team supplies constant support for users to enjoy the experience as much as possible and finish the booking process without any problems. With the availability of a 24/7 call center, any request can be answered because your employee’s problem shouldn’t have to wait for office hours.

glide.io offers two possible user journeys: a fully digital journey that utilizes the mobile application, or a badge journey that can utilize your employees’ company badges. With the 100% digital journey, your employees can use the mobile application, available on both iOS and Android, on a self-service basis by booking a vehicle and then unlocking the vehicle from their smartphones. On the badge user journey, employees can make reservations on the web platform and then unlock their reserved vehicle with their employee badges, which is paired with their account automatically the first time they access a vehicle, requiring no action on your part. 

Whether you choose the 100% digital journey or decide to use your company badges, glide.io technology allows your employees to book available vehicles at their convenience. They are also available to cancel, modify their bookings directly from the application or by calling the 24/7 call center that comes with the premium plan. 

“With corporate car sharing, such as glide.io, you can ensure that all your users have the support that they need, and you can automate the manual on boarding tasks that you are doing.”

All glide.io features have been developed and made available with users and fleet managers in mind. They are meant to offer full support to the users, so the fleet manager can focus on more innovative ways to improve your business and use your fleet.

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