RCI Mobility, a mobility technology company created in 2015 and part of Groupe Renault, today announced a major rebranding to accurately reflect the company’s mission, values and expertise.  From today, RCI Mobility will be known as glide.io.

Paolo Colurcio, CEO, said, “Since our founding, we have established ourselves as a technology company that powers several carsharing and mobility services. We have developed a platform that is highly versatile and flexible and is being used in over 5000 vehicles across Europe. This name change more accurately reflects who we are as a company while also continuing our existing legacy.”

“Glide is a brand that we already operate internally to deliver corporate carsharing and is well established in the market. We wanted to maintain the continuity of this brand while also adding a strong emphasis on technology, hence, the .io and the tagline Technology that Moves,” says Colurcio.

Colurcio adds that the company is proud of its ability to be agile and reactive to market demands and the demands of its clients and it was important to reflect this dynamism in parallel with the established trust that it has built over the years both within and outside of the Groupe Renault.

Practically, the rebranding includes a complete redesign of the company’s visual identity.